User Guide - MYOB AutoBackup System

By Moke ( - 2006025
AMC understands the important of accounting data when backup and data recovery is concerned.

Thus AMC's Server can be equipped with AutoBackup service to backup all your MYOB data hourly
and even when when you are using it. This process do not requires any user intervention.

  • Automated Backup hourly
  • No user intervention required
  • Backup to remote server
  • Daily Remote Backup Report via Email
  • Email Alert on backup failure
    Overview / Guide
    This is what you will see in your [MYOBAutoBackup] folder

    This backup process comply to the 3 generation backup standard, and not just that, we have more... We have

    1. Hourly Sets
    2. Daily Sets
    3. Weekly Sets
    4. Monthly Sets
    5. Yearly Sets, and most importantly ... ...
    6. Daily Remote Backup Sets - To comply with some financial practises
    If you ever need to fall back to any of the backup set, they are available in the [MYOBAutoBackup] folder.

    Accounting backup is crucial, always have external backup available.