User Guide - AMC Server Features
By Moke ( - 20061127


AMC's servers are specially customised to provide enterprise customer a hassle-free and management-free solution so that you can focus on your core business.
Tedious tasks (eg. Backup, Restore, Errors, Hardware failures, Virus, Software updates) will be totally taken care by AMC.

Server Features and Capabilities

Caring for the Server(s)
Common Issue During / After Migration

1.   Error on logon scipt.  Error message on logon script is normal as every user is using a common script
      to access to the server.  The error will be solved when new development is ready for deployment.
      This does not pose any problem to the network as security is handled by the server.
2.   Email password saved in the system might be lost.  This is due to email password was captured within
      the system user's profile.  Migration to the domain and changing of user name will means that user
      will be using a new profile on the system itself.
3.   Files deleted from the server intensionally / un-intentionally cannot be undeleted.  And files deleted
      from the server will not reside in the recycle bin of the computer.  Thus users are advised to be
      practise caution when performing delete function.

File Server

1.   Pentium 486 with Network Interface card (for standard file sharing usage)
2.   Pentium III 500MHz for all features

File Server's Strengths and Weaknesses
1.   Domain Logon is not available for Microsoft XP Operating System onward.
2.   Remote Profile is not available for implementation.
3.   Capable of providing Script Logon for Drive Mapping.
4.   Support Customisation of Software Self-Installation during user's logon process
      (for Company using permanent Internet Connection only)
5.   Capable of preventing users from saving specific files on server (eg mp3, jpeg, avi etc )
6.   Capable of generation PDF document without purchasing Adobe Acrobat Writer.
7.   Capable of printing to graphics files (jpeg, tiff) using the file server's printing feature.

Web Mail

1.   Minimum Volume-Based (unlimited connection) Broadband Internet Connection or Better
2.Internet Explorer 5 or higher (IE 5.5 for HTML Composition)
3.   Intel Pentium 500MHz Processing Client or equivalent

Web Mail's Strengths and weaknesses
1.   Address Book cannot be imported into the webmail because the address book format are different.
2.   All users using Webmail will have a default local email account, they can access webmail using the
      user ID provided.
3.   Local Address Book for All Local User. 
4.   Support Local Workgroup Mail with or without Internet Access.
5.   Support International Roaming for company with permanent internet connection.
      (Implementation cost requires if company is not having static IP else Dynamic DNS service is
       required )
6.   No installation or configuration required for using Webmail
7.   Can access to email using any workstation available
8.   Password protected access for all user
9.   New Mail notification when browser is lock at webmail
10.   Auto-logout at pre-destinated timing (default 60 mins) for security purpose.
11.   Auto-login before webmail's session expires using the same PC.
11.   Auto-Reply feature. (for Customer using AMC's email Server)
12.   Junkmail filtering feature (Client-based).
13.   Calendering and event notification during access.
14.   Group Calendering (Group, Departmental, Company etc)
        - Multiple Administrator (Administrator will lost the capability of having personal Calender)
        - Single Administrator (As above . but could create a separate account specially for Administering
          the Calender)
15.   Global Address Book
15.   Better security control as no one is able to view your email when they gain unauthorise access to their
16.   Restricting User from sending mail to Un-Authorised addresses specified by the Company.
17.   Limiting Users to Internal Email Only
18.   WebDisk Support . Users can assess Files or Data stored in their H Driver when they logon from
        outside of the office (Requires Static IP)

WebMail and Viruses Issue
With careful planing and usage, lot of virus can be prevented.  Some of the features within webmail can be used to protect against virus-infected mails.  Following are the features:-
filter rules
Show image attachment as link
Show HTML message as plain text
Disable JavaScript inside message
Disable embedded links inside message
Filter messages with faked SMTP
Filter messages with faked From field
Filter msgs with faked exe content-type
User's education and discipline on these areas are really important to enable webmail's features to fully protect your system

Server's Backup System

Server's Backup System Strengths and weaknesses
1.   Server's Backup System is solely for redundancy of fast server recovery during harddisk failure
2.   Data integrity could not be guarantee as lighting strike or power surge could easily damage all the
      redundancy harddisk within the server.  UPS with power surge protection and Tape / separate backup
      are still the best solution for sequential backup solution for disaster and intrusion protection
3.   Tape Drive / Iomega Zip drive could be purchased to act as a backup system.  Recommendation are
      as follow:-
      a.  Floppy    	-   usually for files lesser than 1.44MB
      b.  Iomega Zip Drive	-   250MB (can be deployed on server for automated backup) 
		-   Recommended for Daily Sequential Backup Solution
      c.  CDRW Drive	-   640MB
      d.  Tape Drive	-   4GB, 8GB, 12GB, 24G, 40GB, 80GB
4.   Capable to backing up important data via email (for Customer using AMC's email Server)
5.   AMC's Main Server could act as your daily backup warehouse for your accounting file upon request.
      (for Data not more then 5MB per day for a week)

Mail Server

Mail Server's Strengths and weaknesses
1.   Unable to filter outgoing mail
2.   Capable of filtering junkmail and viruses before the mail reaches the specified recipents  (Optional)
3.   New Mail Message Notification (with AMC's File and Email Server only)

Fax Server

1.   Fax Line must be within 3 meter from AMC's Server. (Fax line re-wiring not provided by AMC)
2.   Existing Fax number can be used.
3.   Fax Machine must support 3 second delay for Fax Server to pick up the call first
4.   Phone privacy switch is required (Provided by AMC)

Fax Server's Strengths and weaknesses
*1.   Can only be use to faciliate work flow, can never really replaced fax machine
2.   Can be forwarded to various email addresses.  (for Customer using AMC's email Server)

AMC's Server and Virus Related Issue

1.  Viruses are spread through during method:-
      a.  Email
      b.  Web browsing
      c.  Data Transfer
      d.  Floppy Disk and CDROM access
2.  AMC' server do have a [ virus attachment filter ] for the email server (Optional), but it cannot 
     filter mails which contain links which in-directly lead you to a specific website to download the virus.
3.  Desktop's Anti-virus software is still the best method of protecting your workstation from viruses
4.  Desktop's Anti-virus software requires a minimum of 2 update per week to ensure optimum protection.

Workstation recommendation for Maintenance Contract Customer

1.   User are advised to replace problematic system when the PC's age is greater than 2 years