User Guide - Outlook Express 6 POP3 Setup Guide
By Moke ( - 20070117


When a new email account is created by your hosting company, you will be given some information for setting up your email account.

Information provided by the hosting company

Email Address
SMTP ( may not be given at times )
UserID / UserName :moke_amc
Password :xxxxxxx

Setting up your Outlook Express 6

These are the steps ...

  • Launch Outlook Express
  • Click --> Tools --> Accounts


  • Click --> Add --> Mail


  • Use POP3 Setting --> Type in your POP3 and SMTP Setting --> Click Next
  • If SMTP is not given, you may use your current ISP's SMTP setting


  • Type in UserID/UserName and Password --> Click Next till Finish


  • Done ...


    You are ready to read mail.
    No other setting is required for normal operations ... :-) ..