User Guide - Connecting to Print Server
By Moke ( - 20070423

Brief Information

This process will allow sharing of printer(s) from AMC's server.
The server is able to supports 1 parallel port printer and 1 usb printer.

Sharing of printers from AMC's server are based on
i.   IP Address ( indicated in front of the server )
ii.  queue name ( lp0 and lp1 )

lp0 for Parallel Port and
lp1 for USB port

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Ensure printer cable connected to the server
2. Turn on printer's power
3. Goto --> Start --> Setting --> Printers and Faxes
4. Double-click [Add Printer]

5. Select [Local Printer ...], ensure uncheck [Automatic detect ...]
6. Click Next

7. Select [Create new port], Select [Standard TCP/IP Port], Click Next

8. Click Next on the next window

9. Enter IP Address of the Server, the IP Addreess is on the server itself.
The Port Name will be automatically completed, Click Next

10. Select [Custom] and Click on [Setting]

11. Select [LPR], type [lp0] or [lp0] for Queue Name, and check on [LPR Byte Counting Enabled], Click OK

12. Click Next
13. Click Finish
14. You will see this screen

15. You may choose a driver here to complete the rest of the setup.

If your printer model does not exist within the list,
you will have to Click [Have Disk] to complete the rest of the process.