Openwebmail vs Outlook
By Moke ( - 20070716


Webmail and outlook are of 2 different methods of accessing the email. AMC's server support both methods.
If you ask me which is best ... I guess you better don't as I am a great fan of webmail ... :-) ..

What is Webmail ?

Webmail is an application that allows users to read and send email from their web browser from any location (i.e. you don't have to use the same computer).

What is POP ?

Outlook uses POP. POP (Post Office Protocol) is a protocol that an email program like Outlook or Netscape uses to retrieve messages from the mail server and place them onto your computer.

Which one should I choose ?

There are many benefits to using Webmail over outlook to manage your email ...
  • Webmail allows you to instantly view your messages online
  • You can access your messages from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Emails containing attachments do not automatically open in Webmail, giving you extra protection against viruses
  • Your Spam folder and all email account controls are found in the Webmail application
  • A complete Address Book and Mailing lists can be maintained in Webmail ensuring you always have access to your Contacts, anywhere, anytime
  • Lesser time required to revive and restore system as all email and email address are in the server
  • Weekly backup for all emails for user using webmail
  • when a user's PC crashed, he/she can always use another PCs to access her webmail again without affect work productivity
  • not all hotel allow you to send email from your outlook ( But you still have webmail )

  • Why not outlook

    I don't want to be bias over webmail.
    Outlook is in the market for years with tons of features, but it cost lots more to use and maintain it. Weighing against productivities ... if outlook worth the cost, we should go for it.

    My personal preference

    I have 2 PCs and 1 notebook, thus webmail is still my choice as I can switch among any one of them.
    And I format my PCs very frequently. I don't have to worry about my email when I am doing so as the webmail is not affected at all.

    Ask someone who have a recent email crash on outlook with all their lost, they will appreciate webmail more.
    I have happy customers who migrated to webmail and running without outlook related problems for years. This is another way to look at productivity too.

    How should you choose

    You must use WEBMAIL !!!. Just joking ...
    Feel free to choose either one. Or just use webmail when you facing issue on outlook.

    Here is the guide ...
    If you really need the features that only outlook has it --- Outlook
    If you want the "anytime, anywhere, any PC", zero configuration --- Webmail

    Hope this really helps in your decision ...
    Moke ...

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