User Guide - What affects your Wireless coverage ?
By Moke ( - 20070112


Wireless is getting popular and you may even have wireless in your office and home.
At times you may even wonder why you can't get connected to the wireless device when are just only a few meters away.

Understand Wireless Signal

Following are points that you can check, to achieve better wireless signal.
  1. For best result, your wireless Access Point (WAP) should be within your line of sight
  2. Every single object that fall within the direct line between your WAP and Computer will degrade the signal
  3. The building materials greatly affect the differences on signal losses
  4. A 9cm wall can be as thick as 2 meter wall to signal when you are viewing it from different angle
  5. Keep WAP away from electrical devices that generate RF noise
  6. As WAP are generally 2.4GHz feqquency devices in Singapore, thus avoid using a 2.4GHz devices that crashes the wiress signal.


Hopes this help in achieving better singal within your wireless coverage. :-) ...