Forms and Data Manager - Features

  • Collect or share information thru the web
         eg. Equipment Movement Tracking, Simple Inventory List, Enquiry Or Survey Form etc ...
  • Allow information collaboration between offices, suppliers and customers
  • UserID and Password access control, so that data are protection for unauthorised access
         eg. User only get to see the form/data that are assign to them.
  • Allow assignment of Administrator's privilege to a specific user on designated form
  • Flexible control on view and update feature
  • Hide form for administrative updates or form design
  • Forms may be accessible with or without password according to setting
  • Allow [View Only], [Update Only] or [Full Access]
  • Comes with different color theme and font size to blend with your existing webpages
  • Default UserID and Password is [ admin / password ]
  • Note: This software is free for use

  • User Management module for security access control

    Changing of color theme and font

    Restrictive update of information

    Hide form for administrative updates or design

    Sample Form - Equipment Tracking

    Sample Form - Vehicle Movement Tracking

    Job Application Data Collection
    . With Attachment support for Resume

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